‘Casas de Catuçaba’ was inspired after its local's way of living, in which different house styles settled into the wild come together to form a tight-knit community. We've adopted the name of the local town to honor the intention of continous integration and preservation of its culture and lifestyle.

In our neighborhood, different styles of homes co-exist together. There is a 1840’s colonial mansion, the “Settler’s Houses”, the Modernist’s Country Home, The Minimod and an indigenous Oca, along with art works, and other projects that are all part of a continued development of the community.

Casas de Catuçaba is a lifestyle where contact with nature, simplicity, local culture and conviviality bring us back to our primary roots. This is also an ideal place for families with children, as it promotes sustainable development for youngsters with space, contact with nature, animals and inherent freedom in a protected place.

Our entire production is organic, which allows us to extract high-quality products that benefit both health and wellbeing. These products are at disposal for our entire community.

Casa de Catuçaba intends to have a positive influence in Brazil and the world by transforming everyone who visit us.