• There are only 12 pieces of land available, which form 2 distinct "neighborhoods.” One of the neighborhoods is composed of Modernist Homes, and the other is composed of MINIMODS. (On the map featured, the red plots are the plots that already have been sold).

• Each plot is quite large, of the size between 30,000m2 and 50,000m2, but it is possible to construct only one of the proposed houses in designated locations of the land. However, the home can be customized to fit the needs of the family while still fitting into the specifications of the land. Every plot of land has unparalleled views. Owners are not allowed to build second houses in order to maintain the feelings of privacy in the select community.

• The plots are held under freehold titles, but are subject to the rules of good neighborliness governed by the Association of Friends of Fazenda Catuçaba.

• When buying a plot of land, the new owners become automatically part of the Association, which entitles them to have access to the entire property of Catuçaba Farm (1200 acres with several lakes and rivers) and also access to hotel services, maintenance, activities (such as horse riding, etc ...).- Read more about the manifesto of the Association and the Rules of Living on the following page.

• In Phase 2, we will open up to 8 more plots for sale. There will be a maximum of 20 homes throughout the property. The remaining space is devoted to common areas, conservation areas and pastures /organic agriculture.



• The construction of the house is ensured by Fazenda Catuçaba. The house can be built at any time (after the lands purchased, or at any time in the future).

• The length of construction of a Modernist’s Country Home is approximately 10 months, while the Minimod construction takes approximately 3 months to complete. 



• A site visit (2h30m drive from São Paulo) is required to review in detail the concept of the Casas de Catuçaba project.

• Due to the small number of plots available and the need for owners to identify with the concept of the project, potential buyers need to be approved by Fazenda Catuçaba.

• Upon purchasing a plot of land, the new owners are required to give Fazenda Catuçaba a preferential right to repurchase this land in the event of a sale.

• We do not provide prices by telephone or email.