Layout and Structure of the House

Two adobe walls, made from the sites earth, define the area of construction. They direct the visitor to the entrance of the house, which is accessed via a side terrace, while simultaneously linking the house to the natural landscape.

In front of the terrace is the long deck - a partially covered platform with a north-facing view of the vast and beautiful landscape.

Between of the adobe walls lies the structure site-specifically designed as The Modernist’s Country Home, which is made of laminated, glued, FSC certified wood, all pre-fabricated.

This means that construction in this rugged landscape is reduced to assembly-work only.

The pillars and the beams that extend from the side terrace through the glass-enclosed areas are of solid wood which create the structure for the rooms and the bathrooms.

At the edge of the dining room, recessed in one of the glass-enclosed spaces, is a compact kitchen, and at the other end of the house, where the hallway ends, there is a small office next to the master suite.

The floors of the outdoor areas of the house - the covered terrace and side deck - are made of solid wood, while the floors of the rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms indoors are made from ceramic bricks.

Window frames host double-glazed panes of glass, which answer both the needs for temperature control and energy efficiency as determined by a team of professionals responsible for the design of these features. 

The walls of the bedrooms and bathrooms are wooden frames equipped with thermal acoustic insulation made from fibers of PET recycled plastic bottles, a recycled material that is produced domestically.

The North façade, which catches the most sunlight, has sliding panels of thin eucalyptus that act as filters for light and heat. The individual rooms are heated by traditional firewood stoves, as they were in traditional country homes, with additional stoves on the covered terrace and in the main kitchen.